Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dramatic Play Color Parade

Create a color parade using shopping bags. Label and use one bag for each color.  Fill the bag with dramatic play items matching the label color.

Each child  picks a bag and dresses up for the parade.


Discuss the individual colors as you dress and march in the parade.  Discuss and name familiar items that are the same color as the one each child is wearing.


orange blue





 mauve              black

maroon purple        teal

 Play various styles of music (fast & slow) while you march & dance around the classroom. 
 Extend out into the school or playground. 

 Extend the activity further with musical instruments or decorated riding toys.

Social/emotional skill development of initiative, self regulation and attachment are encourage through individual and group activity.  

Cognitive development of skills while children learn colors, shapes, counting items in their bags. Following directions. 

Create bags of color using a variety of items. Items with buttons, zippers, tying etc. will enhance fine motor skill development.

Gross motor skills will be strengthened through marching, dancing and riding toys.  

Early literacy skills of word association and increase vocabulary are developed as items are discussed and color/words are observed on bags.