Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thankful Wreath and Tree
Create a thankful wreath or tree to share and decorate your classroom or home.
Trace hands of individuals on various textured paper.
Decorate hands and write or draw pictures of  what you are thankful for on each hand.
Glue hands together to create a circle wreath.
(example of hand wreath from google images)
Trace hand and arm on large paper.  Decorate or paint "tree" arm. 
Trace and cut out leaf template on white or colored paper of various textures.
Write or draw a picture of what you are thankful for on each leaf and glue/tape leaves to the tree, creating a thankful tree.
Activity Extensions
Glue arm/hand tree to a empty paper towel tube to create table top center pieces.
Create tree using real tree branch. Stand tree branch in vase, pot or empty coffee can with pebbles or dirt.  Decorate can and tape thankful leaves onto branches.
(example of thankful tree from google images)

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