Saturday, December 22, 2012

Contact Paper Sensory Experience

Tape the contact paper upside down on the floor with the sticky side up.  Encourage children to push on the paper with your hands or take off those little socks and shoes and let the little ones explore! Watch their faces as they try to figure out what this is all about.

This simple, inexpensive activity will bring fun and delight as the little ones crawl and walk across the sticky paper.  Roll cars and trucks and other toys across the paper also.

Youngsters will  develop their fine and gross motor skills, as they push, pull, roll toys, crawl and walk across the contact paper.

Materials Needed: Contact Paper, Tape
Skill Development:

Cognitive thinking skills are encouraged as the children explore the sticky paper and attempt to figure out how much strength is needed to pull off my foot, put down my foot, pull off my foot.

Language skill development and vocabulary increase develops from verbal interactions between you and your child, as you use new vocabulary words and prepositions.

contact paper, sticky, push, pull, on, off, crawl, walk, jump, hop, set, lift

Social & Emotional skills of attachment, initiative and self regulation  are encouraged through; one on one interactions, independent exploration and  small and large group involvement.
Literacy Extension Activites
Create Literacy Experiences by adding pictures under the contact paper.  Adding props to your favorite books and finger play songs will encourage interaction as you sing your songs and read your stories with the children. 
  • "Itsy Bitsy Spiders" under the contact paper will encourage the children to jump on the spiders.

  • Duck pictures will encourage counting the ducks as you sing or read "Five Little Ducks."

  • "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" animal pictures will encourage the children to find the animals as you read.

  • "Old MacDonald had a Farm" pictures will encourage animal recognition.

Pick your favorite song or story book and extend this open ended activity.