Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sewing Cards

Fine Motor Skills are developed and strengthened through this activity of sewing.  Pull yarn through the holes of your home made sewing cards.

Create seasonal templates and templates to enhance weekly themed activities.  Other skills developed through sewing activity include  hand/eye coordination, colors, shapes, and early literacy.

Math skills are encouraged as you "count and sew"  the holes on the sewing card as you pull your thread around the card.
Materials needed:  Card stock or thin foam of various colors, yarn (string or shoe laces), hole puncher, masking tape, scissors

  • draw or copy template picture
  • copy on card stock  (laminate picture for extra durability) or thin foam
  • punch holes around the picture with hole puncher
  • cut strips of yarn long enough to go around template
  • you can attach yarn (string or shoe laces) to card or leave separate
  • masking tape on the ends of the yarn will help avoid shredding.

Environmental Print Sewing Cards 
Create sewing cards with your favorite cereal boxes or other empty boxes containing print. Cut off front/back of box and punch holes around outline. 

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