Friday, October 19, 2012

Mr Potato Head - becomes - Mr Pumpkin Head
Here is a great Fall activity shared from my co-worker, Sarah P.
Materials:  various size carvable pumpkins from craft store (Sarah found the small pumpkins at the dollar store!)
Various Mr. Potato Head body parts
Carvable pumpkins become great Mr. Pumkins.  Poke your wholes and away you go. 
Children develop fine motor skills while creating various pumkin faces. 
Social & Emotional skills are developed while they share with friends and create independently and in small group settings.  Encouraging development of initiative, attachment and self regulation skills.
Language skills and Cognitive skills are developed as they learn, verbalize and name body parts. Sizes, colors and shapes are developed as the children use various pumpkin sizes and shapes with various body parts.
Math skills are developed as children count body parts, use various sizes of pumpkins and compare Mr. Pumpkin heads.

Independence/Self Help skills are developed as children learn to take care of classroom materials and clean up after themselves.

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