Saturday, September 8, 2012

Picture Cube

5 Senses/Body Parts Cubes

Materials Needed:                               

card board or square card board box

plain wrapping paper - brown packaging paper or brown paper bags work very well

pictures of body parts

words to match pictures - written or typed

glue and scissors

Creating Cube                            

Create box structure from card board (or use square box)

Wrap with plain paper and glue picture of body parts to each side.

Write or type, and paste, word to match picture on each side of the cube. 

This picture cube is a great tool to assist when studying 5 senses or body parts.  The class sits in a large circle while the cube is rolled from one child to another.  The child with the cube, names the body part which is showing on top.  The rest of the children can assist the child with the cube by touching the body part  - or blinking eyes, sticking out tongue...


Cubes can be creating using various pictures to support your lesson theme of the week/month.

The cube activity can be used one on one or in small and large groups.  Every child in the group is encouraged to participate which encourages social and emotional development.

Cognitive thinking skills and language development are encouraged through naming and using body parts.

Small and large motor skills are developed during this activity while rolling/catching and pointing to body part on cube, also through individual children showing and using body parts. 

This activity also encourages development using various learning styles through the use of visuals and verbal skills.