Sunday, July 29, 2012

Painting with what....?

Toddlers will paint anything, anytime, anywhere.  Young children seem to enjoy - brushes, rollers, hands, scrunchies, paper, utensils, ect...

When I recently filled the paint cups with clear water and a brush - the youngsters went to town painting the school buses, firetrucks, dump trucks and anything else they could reach. 

Take the activity outside and they will paint the walls, the slide, the table, the fence and everything else in sight.

As the toddlers paint and paint, developmental skills in several learning domains; fine & gross motor, cognitive, self help, social emotional and language, are developed and strengthened.

The mess and clean up time - minimal, it's just H2O!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Riding on the Bus

Dramatic Play: Bus Ride                          

Supplies needed:  chairs, dramatic play prop items; clothing, jewelry, tote bags, purses, shopping bags, hats, glasses, baby dolls, wheels on the bus book & cd

This dramatic play bus ride is an open ended activity, allowing children to explore and use their imagination. Provide the children with various prop items and set up the chairs two by two to represent riding on a bus.  Additional items such as baby dolls and stuffed animals are used to further enhance the imagination.  Shopping and tote bags allow the children to "shop" filling their bags with various items found throughout the room.  Environmental print is added to the dramatic play center by providing empty food boxes and containers.  Literacy is encouraged with "The wheels on the bus" book and music cd. 

Activity Extensions:     

Creative Art:  Provide a large card board box for painting and create a "bus" for the children to climb in and out of.

Block Area:  Provide various blocks with school bus and people figures. Create roads and bus garage with blocks.

Areas of Development:

Bus Ride dramatic play activity will encourage and enhance development in fine and gross motor, language, cognitive, social emotional and self help learning areas.