Saturday, May 12, 2012

Itsy Bitsy Spider - Literacy/Sensory Theme Box

Kit Contains:

Book – Itsy Bitsy Spider and There’s a Spider on the Floor.

Rubber & plastic spiders

Sing-along CD – Raffi
Pictures of Spiders – various sizes
Clear Contact Paper
Buckets for fill – n – dump and sorting.

Book – The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle
Books and Activities:

Book - Itsy Bitsy Spider – read and sing
nBook – The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle

nMusic CD – Itsy Bitsy Spider with spider pictures on felt board.

Music Cd - There’s a spider on the floor with rubber/plastic spiders
Motor Activities:  
Itsy Bitsy Spider Finger Play – Sing and do motions.

Revise finger play words – “the great big spider” and the teeny weenie spider.

Contact paper on floor – sticky side up for walking and touching. Put spider pictures under contact paper.

Paper plate with yarn – cut slits around plate and tape yarn to back of plate. Wrap yarn around plate to create web.
Sorting Activities:   
Buckets to carry and “capture” spiders – fill and dump.

Different size buckets and spiders for sorting – little and big spiders. 
Touch and See - Sensory Activities:
Plastic/rubber spiders with shaving cream

Sensory bottles- sand and spiders

Spiders in sand – sensory table or container
Art Activity:  
Finger painting with scented bath tub paints on trays with plastic spiders.

Sensory table with water – after painting on trays – put hands and spiders in water to color water and create bubbles.  
Development and Learning Areas:
5 Senses – hear, see, smell, touch
nCognitive – listening and thinking skills, sizes, prepositions, body parts
Language – vocabulary increase, rhyming, prepositions, word/picture association
Motor – finger/hand strength, hand/eye coordination, large motor strength, balance and coordination
Social/Emotional – initiative, attachment, self regulation, sharing, self help

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