Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bubbles - Literacy/Sensory Theme Box


nKit Contains:

Sesame Street Bubble Book

nBubble machine

nWords to bubble finger play

nBubbles – scented/colored

nWater play materials – scoops, nets, bubble bath

nBubble wrap
Finger paint and finger paint paper
Book & Song Activities:

Read books and sing finger play song. Blow bubbles with wands and bubble machine.

nBook – Sesame Street - Bubbles

nSong/Movement – Let’s blow a bubble

Books – Bubble, Bubble and Pony takes a Bath
Bubble Songs:
Song 1
Let’s blow a bubble, it isn’t any trouble
Watch it float up to the top and then go pop!
Bubble, Bubble, Bubble, POP!
Bubble, Bubble, Bubble, POP!

Song 2                    
Catch a bubble in your hand, in your hand
Catch a bubble on your head, on your head
Catch a bubble on your nose, on your nose
Stomp a bubble with your foot, with your foot
(If you’re happy and you know it)
Bubble Activities:    
Blow bubbles with various size wands for children to catch, pop, stomp.
Sing bubble song as children catch the bubbles.
Children blow bubbles with individual bubble containers.
Bubble machine
Scented and Colored bubbles used.
Bubble Water Play:
nBubble bath used to create colored and scented bubbles in sensory table or container. Wash baby dolls, animals, car wash.

nChildren use nets and scoops to scoop and dump water and bubbles.

Water wheel 
Art Activities:

nBubble Wrap painting with finger paint.

nPress finger painting paper on bubble wrap to create designs.

nCreate new colors by combining colors on bubble wrap.
red + yellow = orange 
blue + yellow = green
red + blue = purple
Motor Activites:

Tape bubble wrap to floor.

nWalk on bubble wrap and pop bubbles with feet – with or without shoes. 

Push and pop bubbles with hands.
Roll across the bubbles with your whole body.  
Development and Learning Areas:
5 Senses – hear, see, smell, touch
Cognitive – listening/thinking skills, prepositions, body parts, colors, sizes
Language – rhyming, prepositions, vocabulary increase, word/item association.
Motor – small and large muscle strength, hand/eye coordination.
Social/Emotional – small and large group activities promote development of initiative, attachment and self regulation, increase use of verbal and self help skills.

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