Sunday, April 29, 2012

5 Little Ducks Literacy/Sensory Theme Box

Kit contains:
nBook with CD, 5 Little Ducks
nRubber ducks of various size and color.
nClear or colored containers for sorting.
nBubble bath for sensory water play.
nVarious pictures to use on felt board.
nDucks of various textures.
Literacy Activities
Books & CD
Read stories to small or large group using rubber ducks as props.
Listen to CD story, Sing along with motions, 5 Little Ducks finger play.
Ten Little Rubber Ducks, by Eric Carle with felt board visuals.

Felt Board Activities
nDuck pictures for sequencing and story telling.
nRecreate story with different settings on felt board using picture props.
5 Little Ducks went out one day, into the barn and far away.
5 Little Ducks went out one day, around a castle and far away.
5  Little Ducks went out one day, up in the tree and far away.

Tasting Activities
Sample various textures of food that are yellow such as; bananas, cheese slices,
 kix cereal, lemons, yogurt.
Use duck shaped cookie cutters to cut shapes in bread slices. Spread butter on bread and eat.
Sorting Activities
Sorting ducks according to size and/or color, into clear or colored containers.
Add additional items with containers to sort; fish, frogs
Art Activity
Stamping with ducks and ink pads

Water Play Activities
Ducks and water in sensory table or container with various items:
Scented bubble bath
Nets, scoops and buckets
Frogs, Fish, Boats
Sink or Float activity – use ducks and other sink and float items.
Development and Learning Areas
5 Senses – hear, feel, see, smell, taste
Cognitive – listening/thinking skills, size/color, counting, numbers, sequencing
Motor – finger/hand strength, hand/eye coordination
Language – vocabulary increase, prepositions, word/picture association.
Social/Emotional – skills encouraged through small and large group activities- attachment, initiative, self regulation, helping, sharing using verbal skills to express needs and feelings.